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General Information

Mason Slots casino team pays extra attention to the mental state of network members. That’s a fact that gambling might cause a series of serious problems. Consequently, the casino’s developers take serious measures to take a sort of control over the situation. 

On you can find a lot of information about options a gambler has with Mason Slots casino. Below we have some tips that could guide a Mason Slots casino user through the understanding of the value of responsible gambling. If you see that you or your relatives face the same problems, feel free to contact with Manson slots support team to find a way to a solution.

Age Restrictions on Mason Slots Casino

Due to the Mason Slots casino’s rules only a person that is older than 18 can create an account on the platform and get access to slots and games. 

Primary, that’s the demand of the law of Malta, which holds the Mason Slots casino license, states that only a person who got the age of the majority can gamble. Secondly, there is a sad statistic that 40% of gambling addicts started playing before the age of 17. 

Define Special Limits

For the safety of your money, Mason Slots casino offers a special limitation feature. Upon your request, special actions on your account can be held back. Users can set limits on the amount of the following items: deposit, lose, wager, spend within one game. If a gambler wants to have a rest from the casino at all, he or she can limit the whole account. 

All restrictions can be activated in your account in the Personal limits menu. 

If you decide to change the set borders on your Mason Slots casino account, there is a possibility to cancel or decrease it any time and get changes activated instantly. If you decide to increase a bar, you have to wait until the previous one would finish up on the set time period. 

Types of Limits

In this table, we have gathered information about 6 types of limits that a Mason Slots casino user can choose from. 

LimitGeneral information
Deposit Players can use it to set limits on the amount of money they deposit into the account. So they cannot waste more than they defined. 
Session This limit might be a great solution for those who lose the track of time and play for hours. A user sets a kind of timer on every game, so he or she wouldn’t play too long.
Loss If you are a high roller, and it is really hard for you to stop then you can set a limit on the amount of lost money. 
Note: The loss limit is calculated on the basis of the amount deposited. So if you deposit €70 and set a loss limit of €25, but later win €2000, you still could lose the won money plus €25.
Wager You limit the amount you to wager for 24 hours, 7 days, a month. 
Cooling-off The best option who want to take a rest from gambling, but is still sure that they would return to their account. This limit allows players to freeze their profile on the casino’s platform for 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, or half a year. While this period you won’t be disturbed by newsletters, notifications, etc. After the period of limitation is over, your account would be automatically activated. 
Self-exclusion In other words that is the most serious measure, a gambler can put on the account. With this limit, a user can deactivate the account for half a year, 9 months, 12 months. When you require this kind of limit support team deactivates your account, and it couldn’t be restored under any circumstances, but the end of the limitation period. 

If you decide to self-exclude from Mason slots casino, write an email to the Masonslots support team at [email protected] to initiate the process of exclusion. Once the account is deactivated, you won’t have access to any amount of money left on the account balance. So take care of your balance and cash out before it.

Also, be ready to verify your identity, otherwise, the procedure would be rejected. Your ID documents must match the data you’ve entered while registration on the Mason Slots casino website. 

Third-Party Support

Though account limitations and restrictions aren’t the only alternatives a gambler has. There are many great resources that support addicts. We believe that there isn’t shame in asking for help, that is why Mason Slots casino shares some resources that would help addicts cope with their problems.

Resource №1 — phone and online chat support for gamblers who seek help. 

Resource №2 — a global service that provides therapy and free emotional support.

Resource №3 — a group of anonymous gamblers.

Self Check-Up

Mason Slots casino

Mason Slots casino developers do believe that members of their gaming club would enjoy the game responsibly and take care of their mental health and the budgets they spend on the casino. If you feel that slots affect your daily life, or you have spent more than you would like to, we strongly encourage that you follow one of the above-mentioned measures to get on well with the situation. 

If you aren’t sure that the cause of your problems is an unlucky day or some real problems we advise you to go through this quiz to help you sort out through it.

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